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Frequently Asked Questions

What Would You Like To Know?

What is the Van Hornesville Community Corporation?

The Van Hornesville Community Corporation (VHCC), founded in 1938 by Owen D. Young, is a not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to promote the well-being and well-doing of the inhabitants of Van Hornesville and the near neighborhood.

How does the Board work to fulfill that mission?

The VHCC attempts to monitor policies and events at the local and state level that might affect the village and its affairs. Officers and directors have attended state-sponsored meetings on rural affairs and are in regular touch with school officials and the town board. The corporation does not take positions on political questions; it must, by law, be non-political. But this does not prohibit our keeping up with what's going on around us.

What kinds of events does the VHCC sponsor?

The VHCC sponsors the popular music concerts on the village green in summer and the Janet Nevins Young Christmas concert. In addition, VHCC arranges shows of the work of local artists and ODY schoolchildren, makes grants to the school for prizes, to the school superintendent's discretionary fund for special projects, to the Town of Stark for a summer youth recreation program, and to the Van Hornesville Food Pantry, to aid needy neighbors.

How can I become part of the Van Hornesville Community Corporation?

There are currently about seventy-three members, of whom all but twenty-two live in this village or nearby.  They include both active and retired farmers, executives from businesses and cultural organizations, housewives, public employees, merchants, builders, lawyers, educators, librarians, writers, editors, artists, a physician, a ship's captain, a soldier, and a minister. Thirteen are members of the extended family of Owen D. Young. The corporation welcomes new members who would like to have a say in how this community looks and functions, and to work to maintain and improve it. To Join, see the Membership page.

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